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There is no such thing as a boring visit to Supercuts.

A few months ago I went there and was given a very dubious haircut. Oh well, as mrstoffa says “you get what you pay for”. I was mulling this wisdom over when I got into a car wreck exiting the Supercuts precinct. I was hit at 50 mph by a bright red Mustang, whose driver lost control, span down the street and crashed straight through a shop window. It was a traffic school shop….

My subsequent Supercuts visit nearly got me in a whole lot more trouble. I had neglected to take my meds before going and was suffering my most pronounced PD symptom; a rapid tremor in my right hand. Up until the point I found myself in the chair I had managed to hide it. However, once the plastic cape cover was over me and my arms were confined to my lap, my hand started shaking violently. Now imagine yourself the pretty hair stylist as she looked down at what must have appeared to be an attempt at poorly concealed self -gratification by the English pervert. To her credit she didn’t scream (the shop was full) but did back away rapidly. I pulled up the sheet with a jerk to demonstrate my innocence – this alarmed her even more as she recoiled quickly covering her eyes. Suffice to say that I was eventually able to convince her that I was a chronic illness sufferer and not a show fiddler – though I’m not sure the two are mutually exclusive.

My hair grows rapidly and I’m already in need of a trim – but I think I may just let it grow very long…….and “not get what I don’t pay for”.