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On some levels getting a chronic illness like PD concentrates the mind wonderfully. You suddenly become acutely aware of your mortality and start remembering the many things you haven’t experienced or achieved.

For me chief among these things is a lack of a career. I have tended to drift from one job to another without any real focus on what I wanted to do – just being grateful to have a job. I have spent the last ten years working in the financial sector – an area of expertise that I am totally unqualified for. My math skills are weak at best and I have learned that ability in these disciplines are often regarded as important for this type of career. Besides the job is boring.

So what to do instead? What better way to figure that one out than to revisit my career aspirations from when I was thirteen? It just so happens I can recall mine:

1. A soldier
2. A footballer for Manchester United
3. A mountain climber
4. A pop star

Lets look at these options a little closer:

1. A soldier

What was I thinking? That’s the sort of job in which you can get hurt. I think getting through the medical might be a challenge and besides what kind of commando division wants a “sharp shooter” with Parkinson’s ? One that’s not bothered by one of its troopers regularly shooting his own men by mistake I think this one is a non-starter.

2. A footballer for Manchester United

Sadly, although very keen, I was never much good at football. It was the fickle fantasy of youth at play. Interestingly however, even with age and PD my doctor reckons I’m still good enough to make the Chelsea starting line up….

3. A mountain climber

Strange choice this because I’m not very good with heights and this can be a nuisance for a professional mountaineer. I could limit myself to hills of less than 25 feet but I’m not sure there’s much money in it.

4. A Pop star

So by default, pop star it is. There are a few obstacles to overcome:

I’m not a very good singer
I’m not a very good dancer
I’m a bit old
I’m having difficulty strumming chords
I’m terrified of being the center of attention

Nothing to stop me having a bit of a bash at it then. I’ve decided that I will be specializing in electronic/dj/dub, because I’ve listened to some and I don’t think it requires any kind of musical ability. Often the songs require just one chord – that’s my kind of challenge.

I’ve not been idle. I have my handle: PopToffa and already have a couple of “works in progress” out on Soundcloud. Okay they are not dub – I’m going to evolve into that (you see I have a career plan).

Check them out and comment and don’t be afraid to be rude – you’ll feel so foolish when I make the big time:

Next time; how the second of these songs will lead to me sharing a hot tub with three scantily clad Norwegian girls. Or if I don’t get enough hits I will write in detail about my current job, with particular emphasis on derivatives. You have been warned.